Academic Rigor

  • Teacher Empowerment
    • Leverage teacher experience and education by allowing them to choose path to district goals.
    • Encourage, Value and Act on direct teacher feedback. Teachers transfer knowledge to students.  They matter most!
    • Rollout teacher resources when they need it with classroom expense accounts.
    • Close the technology gap between campuses.  
  • $10K Teacher Stipends for teachers in “hard to find positions”
  • Classroom Standards
    • Dedicated disciplinary person for each campus
    • Define, maintain, and stay within respectful boundaries
    • If we cannot maintain a positive learning environment, no one is learning
  • Traditional Curriculum
    • Eliminate unnecessary distractions in learning
    • Stick to the basics, anything else is the parent’s responsibility
  • Achievement Levels
    • Scores must improve, no excuses
    • Widen the gap upwards from state test scores 20% by 2030

Accountability and Transparency

  • Promote greater Board Governance in the District
  • Bond Elections with District Boundaries 
  • No more support of taxpayer funded lobbying or advocacy groups

Greater Community Involvement

  • Board Elections in November
  • Partner with nonprofit groups for tutoring and reading programs
  • Sponsor District Leadership Coalition 
    • Facilitate quarterly non partisan Board involvement in the community for the sole purpose of discussion amongst parents, teachers, clergy, and local small businesses.